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Here we give you answers to the most important and most frequently asked questions in the context of your application for a job with WERNER WIRTH, the whole application process and anything else that might interest you.

If you can’t find your particular question, simply send us an e-mail. Our FAQs are constantly updated.

How should I apply for a job with WERNER WIRTH?

Please submit a digital application and send us (for example) PDF files of your complete application documents, preferably including a cover letter, your CV, reference letters and certificates, salary expectations and the earliest possible date for starting your employment with us.

Do I need an application photo, cover letter and reference letters or is a CV enough?

A photo is naturally not obligatory, but we like to receive applications with a photo. We also like to receive a cover letter. Simply tell us why the vacancy appeals to you and what you can contribute to the job; also state the earliest possible date for starting your employment with us and your salary expectations.

The more we learn about you, the easier it is for us to see if you will be right for us and if we will be right for you. We know and appreciate how much time and effort it takes to produce an application. We also take just as much time to read and go through your documents with all due care and attention. Please also send us your more recent letters of reference that are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

Wie lange dauert es, bis ich eine Eingangsbestätigung bekomme?

How long do I have to wait to get confirmation of receipt?

How many interviews will there be with how many people?

As a rule, there will be two to three interviews. The first two interviews will usually be with two people from WERNER WIRTH – someone from Human Resources, and a senior executive from the department where you want to work.

The third interview gives you an opportunity to visit the site and take a closer look at the team and our corporate culture. In addition to the people you already met during the first and second interview, you will now also be introduced to our management team who will take time for you.

Are the interviews held on site or online?

As far as possible, interviews one and two will be online and only the third interview on site, so that in this phase you also have a chance to take a look at the company and your future workplace.

How quickly will I receive feedback after the interview?

  • After the first interview: one week.
  • After the second interview: one week.
  • After the third interview: you will receive confirmation of your employment or an explanatory rejection within two to three days. This will be agreed during the interview itself.

How long does the application process take altogether?

It takes about three to four weeks from receiving your application until we confirm (or reject) your employment. This naturally also depends on how quickly you and we can find suitable dates for the interviews.

Which aspect of an application matters most to WERNER WIRTH?

Be authentic. That’s the most important criterion for us. You can also gain an initial impression of what we do at WERNER WIRTH by taking a look at our website. Convince us with your personal and professional qualifications.

Don’t try to be perfect and tell us “I can do all that”, but show us that you want to become part of our team and are keen to learn new things.

What is the dress code for the interview?

We have an informal working culture: in our family company we really do feel like we’re one big family, but of course, we are still a company. We don’t have a traditional dress code that demands a suit and tie, but please don’t be too casual.

Forenames or surnames?

We’ll address you by your forename in correspondence, that also applies here on site. We are all on first-name terms, and offer you first-name terms in the application and in the interviews.

What’s the best way to get to your firm?

There are many ways of getting to WERNER WIRTH. Our company headquarters in Hamburg are located at Hellgrundweg 111, 22525 Hamburg. It’s probably best if you look at Google Maps and decide for yourself what’s the best way to get here.

We are in the west of the city of Hamburg, about 30 minutes from the central station and 20 minutes from the airport. A whole number of well-known locations are near-by, such as the Volkspark football stadium, the Barclay Card Arena and also Hagenbecks Tierpark (Hamburg Zoo) a bit further away.

How to get here on public transport (HVV):
The easiest way to get to Hellgrundweg is with the S-Bahn (train) S21. It is then just five to ten minutes on foot from Eidelstedt station.

Or you can get off the train at Stellingen station and take the number 22 bus to the bus stop called “Hellgrundweg (Arenen)” – that reduces the time on foot to about three minutes and takes altogether around ten minutes. Depending on your starting point, you might also want to take the U-Bahn (underground) U2 to “Hagenbecks Tierpark” station and then take the number 22 bus to the bus stop called “Hellgrundweg (Arenen). It is then just about three minutes by foot.

By the way, bus number 22 starts in Eppendorf at the underground station Kellinghusenstraße (U1 and U3). That could also be a possible place to start your journey or to get on the bus.

It is also easy to get to us by car:
Depending on where you’re coming from, you can reach us easily with the A7 motorway (exit: Volksparksstadion) or the A23 motorway (exit: Eidelstedt), then via Schnackenburgalleee, the Kieler Straße or Elbgaustraße, to name just some of the main roads and routes.

As a job applicant, please feel free to use our visitors’ car park.

With bike&scooter right up to the door:
Many colleagues also use the possibility of cycling to work. Or they grab a Voi scooter: we are just a short distance outside the area covered by the Voi scooter system in Hamburg, so the scooters have to be left at the bus stop “Hellgrundweg (Arenen) which is about 500 metres from our building.


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