We connect. We protect. And combining both is what we like doing best.

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When it comes to our various product areas, up to now the global market still thinks in segments. But we see great potential and thus a huge chance in connecting or taking a holistic approach to these very different areas. We think in terms of the bigger picture when it comes to innovative connection technology for electronics and sustainable component protection.

That is globally unique and has huge synergy effects. After nearly 60 years of experience with electronics, our expertise consists in multidisciplinary know-how and individual planning with holistic consulting – and, on request, offering everything from a single source.

Our personal drive: finding the perfect solution for special customer challenges.

Customers are often looking primarily for a problem solver as a reliable partner, one who solves all tasks with a customised approach going even above and beyond existing standards, while fulfilling all the norms: an expert engineering partner who takes on entire sub-projects and fulfils them reliably. And that’s just what we do: from straightforward specific deliveries of conventional items and materials via complex, possibly modified standard products through to tailor-made problem solutions in the heavy-duty sector.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Use the synergy effects for your competition advantage.

WERNER WIRTH has a unique way of combining connection technology, component protection, high consulting expertise, decades of experience and interdisciplinary process know-how under one roof in the Werner Wirth Working Lab.

We combine these areas to create even better customised solutions. This unique expertise covering all aspects of permanently protected electronic connections makes us a reliable, highly innovative development partner for customers with specific requirements and the most demanding challenges. We thus make the future come true from the car industry through to setting the points for rail traffic.

Werner Wirth Unternehmen Multidisziplinäre Kompetenzen

One-stop shop with Working Lab for every electronics task


We are the expert, efficient specialist at your side through every phase of your project.

Werner Wirth Unternehmen Working Lab Steckverbinder Kontakttechnik

Do you need standard connectors? – We’ll deliver them to you, just in time and in every required quantity!

Werner Wirth entwickelt auch individuell angepasste Standard-Lösungen

Do you need slightly adapted standard solutions? – We’ll do them and produce them for you!

Werner Wirth Unternehmen Working Lab kundenspezifische Lösungen

Have you realised that you need a completely individually connector for the limited space in your product? – We’ll develop it for you!

Werner Wirth Unternehmen Working Lab

Do you want to outsource harness assembly, module assembly or device construction? – We are the manufacturer you need!

werner wirth polymere werkstoffe

Do you need the right polymer for a specific challenge? – We’ll advise and deliver!

werner wirth working-lab verarbeitungstechnik

Do you want to proceed with PCB conformal coating, part potting or hotmelt moulding? – We’ll supply the machines you need.

What we work for


We love and encourage connections – in every respect.

Werner Wirth Purpose
Our purpose – Why do we exist?

We believe in the power of networks and lasting connections. Through innovative technological solutions, we facilitate progress and development – for us, our customers and society at large.

Werner Wirth Vision
Vision – Where are we going?

As a leading engineering partner for mechatronic products to create sustainable innovations, we make sure the future comes true.

Werner Wirth Mission
Mission – What do we do?

We help our customers reinvent the world. With our combined interdisciplinary expertise, we solve individual technical challenges – and push back the borders. With innovations that work.

Our values

What makes us stand out.

Curiosity & innovation, solution-oriented approach & precision, customer focus & reliability, family atmosphere & team spirit – these are what we stand for. We love change, challenges, innovation and pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible. As a team. As a family. As a family company with a focus on the human touch, a real feeling of togetherness and an understanding for each other. After all, we spend most of our time at work. We should make this time all the more valuable. And we believe this works best with exciting products, innovative challenges and super people, such as those we are proud to have in our team.

Werner Wirth Unternehmen Leitbild


We push back the borders – time and again.

WERNER WIRTH is an experienced, expert partner, likeable, confident and open-minded. Self-assured, innovative and courageous. Solution-oriented, service-driven and customer-focused. One who’s not afraid to do the hard work with a pragmatic approach to find the perfect solutions that make things possible.

Including things that are inconceivable for other people. Put us to the test, experience how our kind of cooperation works, and be inspired by our enthusiasm.

Werner Wirth Unternehmen Slogan Your innovation our challenge

People from all over the world

The world is our stage, Hamburg is our home.

We are at home in Hamburg. This is where it all began, 60 years ago. This is where we have our headquarters, our technology centre and our roots. On the other hand, we have been expanding globally for decades and have built an international team acting on the world stage. Our 10 sites in Germany, Lithuania, Turkey, China, South Korea and Taiwan employ people from all over the world.
Diversity matters greatly to us. Not only do we emphasise networking in the product and customer context. We also recognise the added value to be gained from professional expertise and cultural differences. The team in Hamburg alone is made up of diverse open-minded people from more than 11 countries.

Werner Wirth Unternehmen unser Team
Werner Wirth Unternehmenshistorie 1962 Gründung Unternehmen
Werner Wirth History Headquarters
Werner Wirth Unternehmenshistorie 2013 Leiterbahnmännchen
Werner Wirth Unternehmenshistorie 2019 Working Lab
Werner Wirth Unternehmenshistorie 2021

Quality & certification

We comply with the norms so we can create solutions that are anything but standard.

WERNER WIRTH GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and offers top quality services and solutions for connection technology and component protection. Our principle consists in creating genuine added value and benefit for our customers. Find out more about our quality management here.

Werner Wirth Unternehmen Umweltpolitik



Connect with our family – change your world.

Have you had enough of being stuck in a big company where you don’t really make a difference? Now’s the time to set new goals for your career.

Come to WERNER WIRTH and join our innovative, dynamic family team to drive the electronics world into the future.

You can find our vacancies here. We look forward to your application!