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At WERNER WIRTH we know full well that the promise we give our customers has to be embodied and filled with life by each and every one of us.

We all work together to shape the success of our company. To this end, we have developed the following principles to act as the internal compass for our daily work. They give us guidance in how to deal with our customers, partner, suppliers and also each other – so that each and every one of us are inspired and motivated anew each day to play an active role in making our family company successful.

After all, WERNER WIRTH is the sum of all the people, all the personalities with all their individual strengths who work here and give their best every single day.

This is how we work together to shape our future.

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A few (mission) statements about how we think and act

One of our most important connections: the connection with our customers.

Our mission is to help our customers reinvent the world. With our combined interdisciplinary expertise, we solve individual technical challenges – and push back the borders. With innovations that work. We see ourselves all as competent, reliable partners who are always at the ready to fulfil wishes and exceed expectations.

Needless to say that this also applies to how we work together ourselves. We take a flexible approach to every requirement – before getting on with the hard work like the pragmatic professionals we are in order to develop highly pinpointed and customised solutions with genuine added value that can’t be had anywhere else.

Seeing the big picture – and inspiring others to share our enthusiasm.

We are the only company in the world that deals with connection technology and component protection with equal excellence and holistic mastery. This is the WERNER WIRTH way of doing things, with a genuine synergy effect for our customers. It means that we all have to think in terms of the bigger picture, with multidisciplinary know-how of our own or shared in close teamwork, with individual planning and holistic consultation that takes even the tiniest detail into consideration – and, if so desired, all from a single source.

Together we ensure that all customers know how to benefit from our expertise so that they come to us with their holistic requirements and needs. And so we take care of functioning connections and permanently protected contacts on every scale for a wide range of sectors from the car industry through to setting the points for rail traffic.

Finding the right solutions – and implementing them with precision.

We promise our customers that we know the answers to all possible questions. Even those that haven’t been asked yet. Because maybe no-one has dared to put them in words. No matter how demanding the requirements, we think in terms of solutions, not problems.

We know the individual challenges of our customers and give them the answers: precise, sustainable, cost-effective solutions provided on time. We assure the very highest quality in all we do. We simply cannot allow any mistakes. Enough said. Even so, none of us are infallible. If a mistake does happen, we speak about it openly, learn all the lessons and make sure it never happens again.

Stay curious, and learn all the time.

Innovation inspires us: it has to! After all, our claim is to make things everyone else thinks are totally unimaginable – illusory! Sometimes that’s true, but that’s what drives us! That’s just what our business is. A fantastic challenge: the special, the new – the innovation.

We are all specialists for difficult tasks and special solutions. We make sure that things work exactly as they should. Our innovative approach also means we often exceed the boundaries of what’s been feasible up to now. That’s the only way to solve problems where others with standard solutions simply fail.

We want to be the best – and set new benchmarks.

Our claim is to work with our customers to develop new standards, giving rise to economically sustainable customer relationships. In this way, we integrate our solutions, material and services in the products of our customers and make ourselves indispensable.

To keep us in the lead and safeguard our own future in the long term, we are constantly on the look-out for extraordinary talents. We provide specific encouragement for our staff to continue enhancing their own skills, and support career development in the international WERNER WIRTH Group.

Corporate mindset – responsible action.

We are not an anonymous corporation but a third-generation family company. To achieve our shared goals, we think with a modern corporate mindset. We take decisions and action with a responsible, sustainable approach. We are cost-efficient in our business and have a long-term outlook.

We love team work: one for all and all for one.

Each of us is personally committed to our overall success, always ready to help, always totally loyal.

We work with each other, not against each other. We are constructive, appreciative, respectful and fair. It is only as a perfect team made up of many personalities with different strengths that we are unbeatable.

Clear communication – and joint achievements.

To achieve our goals, we need to be open and targeted in our communication; we need to trust each other implicitly; we need to be able to rely on each other totally. That also applies with regard to all business partners, customers, suppliers and contractors.

Only by constantly sharing information can we be motivated and all pull together. To ensure everything works like clockwork – or like a printed circuit board perfectly connected and completely protected by WERNER WIRTH.

We make sure the future comes true.

We believe in the power of networks and lasting connections. By creating innovative technological solutions, we facilitate progress and development – for us, our customers and society at large.

We support the development of the technological future, together with the personal and private further development of all members of staff. Everyone should be able to achieve their purely personal goals, even in their private lives. We create and safeguard jobs, provide further training, support schools, fund start-ups and promote entrepreneurship.