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WERNER WIRTH offers strategy expertise, engineering expertise, process expertise, technology and material expertise as well as comprehensive manufacturing expertise including the Working Lab and an extensive assortment for both connection technology and component protection, all from a single source. For you, this means we not only supply standards swiftly and reliably but also develop new solutions in our Working Lab, setting new standards for you. In all sizes and quantities

WERNER WIRTH has accompanied the whole development of industrial electronics since 1976, operating on a broad basis and becoming a coveted, expert partner for special and large-scale projects. That means we work on your behalf as a reliable, innovative engineering partner to connect electronics and give them permanent protection. Our range of services extends from developing prototypes to mass production, from standard parts to special solutions, from materials to processing and production machines.

We are the expert, efficient specialist at your side through every phase of your project.

Throughout the decades since 1962, we have built up and intensified the necessary know-how and expertise, listening to what you say, with a holistic mindset that understands the processes involved and pays meticulous attention right down to the very last detail.

The WERNER WIRTH team can get involved in a project at any time. We are equally at home in the labyrinth of printed circuit boards and in the maze of a production building – in the engineering and planning phase, or during on-going production. That’s one argument! And as far as costs are concerned, WERNER WIRTH is the only company of its kind to offer equally excellent mastery of innovative connection technology and sustainable component protection. This is the WERNER WIRTH way of doing things, with a genuine synergy effect for you.

Engineering and process expertise

For custom-fit solutions

WERNER WIRTH recognises the crunch points in good time. And the possible breaking points. We listen, advise and develop exactly the right solutions that meet all technical requirements. We get involved at the very latest when no ready-made solutions are available, offering individual solutions and synergy effects that others haven’t even thought of, let alone implemented and produced. With our Working Lab for electronic innovations, we ensure functioning, durably protected contacts on every scale, well aware that we share a lot of responsibility for the overall system in each case.

Whether on-going production or strategic planning, individual components or complete project, the consulting and development team for innovative electronics at WERNER WIRTH assists and moves you forward and onward in every phase of your project. We analyse, advise, construct and produce from A to Z and optimise separate production steps for specific tasks. In doing so, our Working Lab often produces solutions that our clients hadn’t even thought of, thus creating genuine added value together with sustainable competition advantages.

Werner Wirth Kompetenzen Entwicklungskompetenzen

Technology and material expertise

For high-performance electronics solutions

It takes a wealth of technological expertise to ensure that small, fine projects as well as large, complex orders in the fields of connection technology and component protection are precisely implemented or optimised to your specific requests. The electronics branch is developing faster than any other. Everything is getting smaller, more efficient and more urgent. It’s good to have WERNER WIRTH at your side as your central partner. We keep a close eye constantly on this complex market and its development, while at the same time using its decades of experience and state-of-the-art Working Lab to forge ahead with developments. We have a holistic mindset and take a modular approach right down to the last detail. We can make nearly everything. Above all, this includes making contact to our own specialists for your specific project requirements.

Werner Wirth Kompetenzen Technologie und Werkstoff-Kompetenzen

The complete technology toolkit

Whether crimping, die forming, control systems, machine and tool construction, injection/hotmelt moulding, conformal coating and dispensing, mixing and dosing technology, soft soldering, resistance welding or high-frequency compaction, we know how to do it. WERNER WIRTH masters the entire technology toolkit for innovative connection technology and sustainable component protection. We offer a wealth of experience in specifying, modifying and appropriately processing the ideal construction substances and materials in each specific case. You too can benefit!

Manufacturing expertise

For perfect products

Your order is only fulfilled if we make your products efficiently on a constantly high standard of quality. Thanks to our extensive manufacturing expertise, we warrant this right from the start, now and in future. Whether production solutions for individual components, modules or complete devices, we take the pressure off you. We make your products with our production solutions and processes that comply in full with the strictest requirements every step of the way. Efficiently and perfectly. For you. So you don’t need to.

WERNER WIRTH is your central partner for every phase of your project – from strategic consulting, development and project description through to a broad range of top quality production solutions. These extend from manufacturing individual components via assembling modules through to producing complete units, all from a single source. Just talk to us about it! We look forward to your requirements!

Werner Wirth Fertigungskompetenzen
Werner Wirth Kompetenzen Fertigung von Einzelkomponenten
Manufacturing individual components

A product is only as strong as the sum of its individual parts. For two decades now, this has been our approach to manufacturing individual components in top quality. Every single part is worked with absolute precision, exactly fulfilling the demands made by our customers, while being as sturdy and durable as possible. On request we will also procure all the necessary materials, proceeding with quality assurance already before the first production step.

Werner Wirth Fertigung von Baugruppen
Production and assembly of complex modules

The market is showing a clear trend on the market towards outsourcing the production and complete assembly of modules to external manufacturing providers. Outsourcing can be a real chance if you find the right partner. We manufacture complete modules from provided components or we make the components ourselves. With extreme precision, ready to plug in and with a conclusive function test on request and on the spot.

Werner Wirth Kompetenzen Fertigung von Komplettlösungen
Production of complete devices

If you want to relax and focus on your core business of marketing and sales, you can outsource the production of complete devices to WERNER WIRTH. We produce individual components, assemble individual modules and put everything together to produce complete devices and production systems. You too can benefit from our extensive toolmaking and machine construction expertise. Whether simple or highly complex products, in bulk or small series, we offer complete devices from a single source. On request including a report with serial number and on-site functionality test.

From the car industry through to setting the points for rail traffic.

Market expertise

Electronic systems are everywhere. So is WERNER WIRTH.

As holistic specialist for connection technology and component protection, we offer comprehensive branch know-how on land, on water and in the air. The following section gives you a small insight into the market expertise, industries and areas where WERNER WIRTH is a coveted expert for functioning connections and permanently protected contacts and components, from electromobility, automotive and machine construction via communication technology, alternative/renewable energies and rail traffic to medical technology and aviation.

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenz Automotive
Electromobility & automotive

Whenever it’s a case of moving forward swiftly and reliable, that’s where our experience comes into play. Electronic suspension systems, new headlamp technologies, e-bike motors and all kinds of sensors make cable harnesses in modern vehicles longer than the distances some people drive a month. Our core expertise makes a sustainable contribution to the development and production of these systems. Whether matching connections such as e-bike connectors, correct branching or weatherproof component protection, WERNER WIRTH makes sure you are well equipped to meet the challenges in the automotive sector and electromobility. And so we say: happy motoring –by car, bike and scooter.

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenz Elektronik Elektrotechnik
Electrical & electronic engineering

Every job is different. Even so, we’re used to working on an assembly line. Whether putting switchboards into industrial systems, channelling the flow of information or synchronising workflows and processes, here at WERNER WIRTH we know how to do it. And still stay within budget and on schedule, turning production lines into a crucial success factor and competitive advantage for our customers.

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenz Anlagen und Maschinenbau
System and machine construction

Powerful, permanent protection: strictly speaking, WERNER WIRTH is a kind of production assistant. On or off: that is the elementary principle of electric circuits and also our central task. If our components and connections don’t work, production grinds to a complete standstill. We take this responsibility for system and machine construction very seriously. Functioning contacts and meticulous material selection, together with sustainable protection from radiation, wind and weather, dust, vibrations, fluctuating temperatures and everything else coming out of a machine, apart from the things it’s supposed to be producing.

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenz Kommunikationstechnologie
Communication technology

We get it together in even the smallest space. The communication and consumer electronics sector is getting increasingly compact and rapidly more efficient. Here again, the range of products and expertise by WERNER WIRTH is an integral part that fits in the space of this microcosm as well. With plugs that withstand heat and impacts. Coatings that protect intellectual property. Or connections that have to hold even if it’s got nothing to do with telephones. And all of this also in huge quantities.

Werner Wirth Energietechnik
Energy technology

The services by WERNER WIRTH covering all aspects of connection technology and component protection are part of the energy transition. But we don’t make much of a fuss about it. Of course our decades of experience with coating technology make an important contribution to solar technology. But we are also willing to take on far larger challenges. Offshore wind turbines for example add a completely new dimension to component protection: in-depth, precise material know-how is in great demand when it comes to connections for submarine cables and permanent protection from seawater, wind and weather. WERNER WIRTH expertly ensures things work smoothly without kicking up a fuss.

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenz Verkehrstechnik
The transport sector

Rail traffic: WERNER WIRTH as reliable partner for setting the points

Railways aren’t something to play around with, at least not when it comes to electronic solutions. That’s obvious for anyone dealing with the huge electrical currents you get in trains. WERNER WIRTH supplies connection technology also in XXL and provides robust component protection so no-one needs to worry about the weather in the long term. It certainly won’t be our fault if the train is late. We set the points for rail traffic without a hindrance.

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenz Medizintechnologie
Medical technology

True expertise is in the machinery, for example in the medical sector. Our proven reliability plays an elementary role particularly in medical technology. After all, in an emergency lives can be at stake. But it is also important to keep an eye on the costs which the general public has to pay in the end. Meticulous consideration and selection of suitable materials that are robust enough to withstand radiation, voltage surges and high utilisation levels – all that demands that we too pursue intensive research and development which would be worthy of a doctorate. But we’re not bothered about titles at WERNER WIRTH. We just want to see the best possible results.

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenz Luftfahrt

No technical requirement is too high for WERNER WIRTH. We offer down-to-earth advice and service even for customers who are aiming high. For example, when they make or repair aircraft. The extreme requirements made in this sector, all the double safeguards and triple maintenance plans, are not much more than a clear briefing for the WERNER WIRTH team. And certainly nothing to flap about. We already have or we can develop the solution for every problem!

Werner Wirth Marktkompetenzen
And what is your challenge?

Simply get in touch. We can gladly explain in person which challenges we have already met in your particular sector.