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Quality policy

Our most important success factor: the customers

We aim to let customers know that they play the most important role for our company. We offer our customers the greatest possible support for their and our success on the market.

Our most important resource: our employees

An essential part in our success is played by our employees with their motivation, satisfaction and know-how, together with their sense of responsibility. Our task is therefore to create or develop the prerequisites to sustain this know-how and sense of responsibility on the existing high level among everyone, and to ensure constant further improvement. We achieve this with targeted training and support measures.

Quality: with a holistic approach.

Our constantly high level of quality is guaranteed by defined, functioning workflows and their continuous improvement. We also avoid restrictive influences such as too much red tape and complex decision-making processes.

Environmental policy


As a responsible member of the public community, we have an obligation to our environment. In our work, we follow the principle of preventive action to avoid elaborate correction measures.

  • Based on current scientific findings and state-of-the-art technology. This is the backbone for our environmental management system which is thus subject to a continuous improvement process.
  • We implement active recycling and effective use of natural resources to minimise the environmental impact as far as possible.
  • The use of hazardous substances is avoided or reduced whenever and wherever possible. Correct returning/recycling of all hazardous substances is the overriding principle. All activities involved in making our products and in changing and re-devising our processes always also focus on improving their environmental compatibility. We make very economical use of raw substances, energy, water and other materials.
  • We include the business partners of our company (market partners) in our efforts to improve environmental protection. We see the statutory provisions and requirements for environmental protection as minimum requirements. We therefore undertake to comply with these binding obligations. We make every effort to achieve a far higher level of environmental protection in our company than stipulated in the statutory requirements. In terms of environmental protection, we therefore always keep our sights on the forerunners in this field and we make every effort to assume this role ourselves.

Our environmental policy affects all employees. We convey our principles and objectives by means of corresponding instruction sessions. Practical support and training ensures that employees are able to acquire the know-how needed for successful implementation of this environmental policy.

An abbreviated version of our quality and environmental policy can be found on this website. Please ask us for the complete statement.