Permanent protection for your electronic components even under the most extreme conditions.

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Do you need permanent component protection? You can rely on WERNER WIRTH. No matter which external influences the sensitive electronics inside a part may be exposed to, WERNER WIRTH has or finds the right solution. Even for electronic components subject to extreme loads under adverse conditions. In fact, our component protection goes beyond classical protection from environmental influences such as moisture, acid, light or temperature: it can also act as a structural element or perform housing functions.

Finding materials that are immune to the most extreme external influences without harming the sensitive electronic elements – that’s one of our greatest passions. WERNER WIRTH knows all about standard component protection methods, has decades of experience with production and offers know-how, materials and processing machines from a single source: from conformal coating, potting and bonding to hotmelt moulding.

Component protection in all variants: from partial aspects to the whole thing.


Your partner for permanent component protection – from granulate reserves to the production line

Even if your electronic parts need protection from extremely adverse conditions, our 25 years of experience give us the expertise to master all kinds of component protection in its many manifestations. We provide you with all materials for durable electronic innovations, such as thermoplastics, conformal coatings, resins and adhesives.

And our range goes even further: from tools via valve technology through to complete processing machines – and on request we’ll even do the manufacturing for you. All from a single source. And if needs must, we’ll add an extra layer.


We have decades of experience at working with layers.

We supply thermoplastics, conformal coatings, resins or adhesives exactly to your specifications or requirements. WERNER WIRTH offers customers the right material for every specific component protection application.

You don’t need to spend hours searching in our huge product range: please just give us a call at any time! If necessary, we’ll find specific solutions for you in our Working Lab.

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Processing machines & technologies

Manufacturing expertise right across the board

WERNER WIRTH offers all appropriate processing machines and technologies for permanent component protection of your electronics solution. Whether for hotmelt moulding, conformal coating, dispensing, plasma technology, potting or bonding, here you’ll find everything that we can do for you.

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Processing & production

Our favourite approach is to offer solutions from a single source.

WERNER WIRTH gladly takes on the production tasks for you. We have the know-how, the materials and a wide range of machinery. For example, for custom-fit component protection with PCB conformal coating in industrial electronics, or top quality part potting for maximum protection even under extreme conditions.

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