The right materials for perfect protection of your sensitive electronics.

Thermoplastics, conformal coatings, cast resin, adhesives – we have the right materials and are familiar with their characteristics, how to process them and the right way to use polymers in each particular case.

From firmly secure PCB protection, coated components or completely sealed parts protected from the sun, from acids and from prying eyes: we are totally in our element when it comes to choosing the right material.

You too can benefit from our comprehensive experience with plastics, adhesives, coating and potting materials for electronic innovations that last a lifetime.

Conformal coatings, thermoplastics, resins, adhesives


WERNER WIRTH knows which materials are needed when, how, where and why.

Choosing the optimum polymers and materials plays an elementary role in functioning connections and permanent component protection in production and operation. No matter whether this refers to conformal coatings, thermoplastics for hotmelt moulding, resins for potting or adhesives for bonding: we at WERNER WIRTH know what has to be used when, how, where and why to obtain the required protection.

Werner Wirth Polymere Werkstoffe Thermoplaste Hotmelt Moulding
Thermoplastics for hotmelt moulding

Hotmelt moulding manages with relatively low temperatures and far lower pressures than plastic injection moulding so that the parts cure quickly and without unnecessary stress. This results in top products at low prices.

Werner Wirth Polymere Werkstoffe Schutzlacke Coating
Conformal coatings

World-class PCBs are coated by WERNER WIRTH. Open or closed, transparent or opaque, in elegant black, suitable for every temperature and often individually made to measure.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Giessharze Potting
Potting resins

Potting is recommended for adverse environmental conditions, e.g. for offshore components. We have the expertise and the experience, together with a comprehensive range of repeatedly tried-and-tested resins for optimum potting of complete modules.

Werner Wirth Polymere Werkstoffe Kleber Bonding
Bonding adhesives

Der richtige Kleber ist wichtig, weil alles ausfällt, wenn etwas abfällt – von welchem Bauteil auch immer. Bonding bedeutet Bauteile zu befestigen und unter allen Umständen in dieser Position zu halten. Und das bei Materialstärken im Nanometerbereich.

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We are at your service!

WERNER WIRTH is the right point of contact for polymers at all times. We are at your service: from planning and engineering in advance, to selecting the right materials, through to optimisation once things are up and running. Challenge us – and you’ll see that something happens that is actually forbidden: we’ll soon spark your enthusiasm once we get talking: +49 40 75 24 91-0 or