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Finely dosed dispensing, reliable and almost surgically precise bonding, holistic potting – no matter how different these applications may seem on the surface: WERNER WIRTH has one perfect solution for everything. You could say that with the emphasis on “one” if you wanted to reduce it to the processing machine developed by specialists.

But our aspiration, and yours too, is found in the word “perfect” – which you only get with the special fittings for the specific application and your individual challenges.

Processing machines for dispensing

The dispensing process applies adhesives, coatings and other materials to a workpiece in previously defined thickness and structuring. All for functioning connections and permanent protection. It’s not just the right dosage that matters.

WERNER WIRTH with its processing machines and dispensing valve technology stands for production machinery for perfectly coordinated mixing, dosing and application, even when the production line is working at maximum speed.

Meticulously balanced equipment for perfect results


The Alpha series: our all-rounder for conformal coating, dispensing, bonding and potting.

Processing machines for bonding
Think big, produce small. When it comes to this special technology for classic chip production, we supply optimum solutions with surgical precision thanks to our know-how, machinery, materials and valve technology, from initial planning via implementation through to production. WERNER WIRTH also sees the bigger picture when dealing with glue dots and material quantities in the micro-litre range – and offers corresponding processing modules from manual dispensers to bonding stations that work on a large scale even under adverse conditions. Just to make sure an increased output rate won’t make your chips crumble.

Processing machines for potting
Mixing, dosing, applying: that’s the triathlon on potting production lines, ideal for protecting parts exposed to extreme conditions. And our tools, moulds and machines are almost always the winners, also of interesting orders. In our fast-moving industry, it’s become commonplace to do three things at once. Underfilling and potting are our easiest exercises, constant high-precision dosing is a walk in the park and profound material know-how from soldering paste to sealing bead is the result of daily training.

Processing machines

The perfectly matching processing machine that includes individual planning and sound advice

Besides a manual dispenser for mobile use, we warmly recommend you take a look above all at the WW Alpha 6 by WERNER WIRTH: the innovative, compact processing platform that is extremely easy to use and suitable for many different coating and dosing applications.

We can gladly show you in detail and in person how the system stands out with high precision and coating quality, reproducibility in application and amazing flexibility when it comes to meeting many different requirements.

Werner Wirth Verarbeitungstechnik Komponentenschutz Verarbeitungsmaschinen

Dosing System HD 2001

Manual dispenser for mobile use

Product description HD 2001
The dosing system HD 2001 with its controller offers extremely precise, economical and reproducible results. The automatic micro-dosing device ensures identical dosing quantities are used in constant intervals, controlled by a timer for pneumatic dosing of the fluid. A nozzle helps when dosing fluids such as adhesives, soldering agents and lubricating grease. A large number of fine needle points ensures the materials can be used for all different kinds of requirements. The system works with pressure of 0 to 7 bar, and is suitable for applying dots, lines, fillings and for general dosing applications. Initially the models of the HD 2001 series were designed for production conditions that demand precision and reproducibility.

The timer and the fully variable vacuum feature avoid any dripping between the individual dosing cycles. An integrated power adapter changes the input voltage from 230 VAC to working voltage of 24 VDC.

HD 2001 is supplied ready for use. The scope of supply includes an air tube, a set of dosing needles and a cartridge with cartridge adapter and stand. The timer of the CE-compliant dosing units can be adjusted to intervals between 0.01 and 90 seconds for the greatest possible flexibility.

The HD 2001 housings are convincing in appearance with a modern, space-saving design. They are robust with a small footprint for easy transport and installation in different sites. Several units can be stacked and fixed for maximum efficiency.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Verarbeitungstechnik Dispens und Dosiertechnik Dosiersystem HD 2001

WW Alpha 6

The all-rounder

The WW Alpha 6 by WERNER WIRTH is an innovative, compact processing platform for a wide range of coating and dosing applications. The system stands out with simple, intuitive operation.

It is also extremely flexible in meeting many different requirements.

The machine is designed as a self-contained working cell that can be used for coating and dosing various media. It can also be used for other customer-specific applications, such as treatment with atmospheric plasma. WW Alpha 6 is a robust, aesthetically pleasing machine that stands for high precision, quality and reproducibility in application.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Verarbeitungstechnik Dispens und Dosiertechnik Alpha 6

WW Alpha Loader

Automatic continuous loading of the production line from the storage rack. The loader pushes printed circuit boards straight out of the storage rack onto the downstream transport module towards the production line.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Verarbeitungstechnik Dispens und Dosiertechnik Alpha Loader

WW Alpha Motion Single

Transports printed circuit boards between the individual process machines in the production line. Flexible configuration of the production line thanks to different process lengths.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Verarbeitungstechnik Dispens und Dosiertechnik Alpha Motion Single

WW Alpha Motion Twin

Transports printed circuit boards between the individual process machines in the production line. Flexible configuration of the production line thanks to different process lengths.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Verarbeitungstechnik Dosiertechnik Dispenstechnik Alpha Motion Twin

WW Alpha UV-Cure

Modular inline UV curing system with 4 safety locks. The UV Cure picks the printed circuit boards up with a 3-zone transport system and brings the products into the UV tunnel. Here the products being cured are exposed to UV light and stabilised in a few seconds.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Verarbeitungstechnik Dispens und Dosiertechnik

WW Alpha Unloader

Automatic continuous unloading of the production line from the stack. The unloader takes the printed circuit boards out of the production line and pushes them into the storage rack. The storage rack is changed automatically depending on how full it is.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Dispens und Dosiertechnik Maschine Alpha Unloader

Valve technology

Valves for spraying, film-coating, jetting and dispersing

WERNER WIRTH offers precision technology on the very highest standard, also and particularly when it comes to valve technology. We offer best valve technology for every application: coating, dispensing, bonding and potting.

Whether film coat valves, jet valves, dispensing valves or spray valves, we have all you need for perfectly dosed, reliable component protection in highly sensitive electronic applications subject to extreme conditions.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Werner Wirth Verarbeitungstechnik Dispens und Dosiertechnik Ventiltechnologie

Musashi valves

We use and recommend valves by Musashi: film coat valves for high speed coating, contact-free high precision jet valves or also spray valves for universal applications. This warrants the high coating quality and reproducibility of our WW Alpha 6 “all-rounder”, while being extremely easy to use and absolutely robust.

Cartridges and accessories for highest precision

The cartridges in our range guarantee extremely easy passage and smooth plunger movement without any jolting. The result is precise dosing with enhanced quality and efficiency. Whether clear cartridges, cartridges with UV blocker, adapter tube (with stopper) or plungers for complete emptying, WERNER WIRTH offers dosing technology of the very best.

Dosing nozzles and needles for highest precision

The dosing nozzles and needles in our range guarantee high-precision dosing. State-of-the-art computers were used to develop their unique design. They are produced in highest quality with sophisticated processing technology. Whether versatile metal needles, plastic needles with double threaded screw, conical double threaded nozzles or dosing brushes for large surfaces.

Here you can find the product data sheet for our valve accessories as a PDF for downloading. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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