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Clips and clamps, wires and leads, plugs and stamped parts – we supply everything that conducts electricity. No matter the magnitude: in our longest-standing business unit, we pull together with you on the same piece of cable. And if a complete cable harness is needed at the end of it, we’ll assemble that for you as well.

Connector solutions and contacts, cables and their connections are the nervous system for every electronic device. WERNER WIRTH has specialised in connection technology in all segments and markets for electronics and electrical engineering. We advise, sound out, procure and deliver. Just in time. We make adjustments and modifications if the standard part doesn’t fit. And to ensure you’re not constantly replacing parts and elements, all our products are offered with top quality component protection that lives up to its promise. Permanently.

Connection technology by WERNER WIRTH


All our products are conductive

WERNER WIRTH offers connectors and contacts in all dimensions and connection variations: crimping contacts & die-forming parts, connector systems, screw- and spring terminals, I/O connectors, solderless connectors, cable management and of course also tools and equipment for all processing techniques such as cutting, stripping or crimping.

Here you can find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, together we’ll help you find the right thing.

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