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Whether SMD, THR/THD, crimping or other contacts, for all electronic systems, WERNER WIRTH GmbH offers connection technology like connectors and contacts that leaves no questions unanswered. Needless to say that also applies to crimping contacts and die-forming parts.

Some tasks may sound crazy at first. Here at WERNER WIRTH, we respond with a clear head, with a steady hand and with the best electrical engineering: quality from the pilot run through to mass production.

Squeezing, pressing, cold forming: the vocabulary used in crimping and die-forming technology may sound rather brutal. But in practice it’s the precise details that count. In this segment of electrical engineering, we get straight to the point with corrosion-proof production using high-precision pressing tools working to one tenth of a Newton metre.

Electrical solutions made to measure. Also for apparently impossible connections.


SMD, THR/THD, crimping and other contacts

In our Working Lab for innovative electronic solutions, the WERNER WIRTH team also thinks around the corner, producing exactly the right individual solution for extremely complex electronic tasks that no one has thought about up to now. For example when no standard components exist.

We know from our decades of experience that sometimes all it takes is a little tweak to turn a standard part into an exclusive, perfectly fitting special element. WERNER WIRTH: we offer and set standards. This makes us the one-stop shop for functioning contacts and reliable connections in the electronics industry.

In brief, we’ve got what you need. And if it doesn’t already exist, we’ll develop it for you in our Working Lab.

SMD contacts

As specialist for high-performance, sustainable electrical engineering, we know that perfect surface mounting entails in-depth planning and development. When it comes to crimping contacts and die-forming parts, our many years of expertise with automation processes become particularly clear where SMD contacts are concerned.

At WERNER WIRTH, we know all about the delicate balance between rated current, contact resistance and operating voltage. When the time is right, WERNER WIRTH also recommends the high-temperature material STOL 76M as the perfect basis for when things start to heat up. It is suitable for temperatures exceeding 130 °C and is thus ideal for applications in the automotive industry. The thermal and electrical conductivity of STOL 76M is higher than brass cartridges, it is RoHS-compliant and also offers excellent strength, good corrosion resistance and favourable stress relaxation behaviour. WERNER WIRTH offers this new material for SMD and THR/THD contacts.

Werner Wirth SMD Kontakte

Product details

Here you can find detailed product information about our connection technology range of SMD contacts. You can view or download all product sheets as PDF documents.

THR/THD contacts

The arguments in favour of through-hole technology are still as strong and as durable as the actual THR/THD contacts themselves. At least when the quality is as sound as a 12-pin wire connector in the control box of a wind turbine, in a wall box, in an e-bike or a high-capacity industrial plant. This give you a particularly good feeling in the safety belts of luxury vehicles. It certainly applies to quality at WERNER WIRTH with constant ongoing further development. We heed grid sizes, adapt to the surroundings and still keep an eye on the price.

WERNER WIRTH: Quality made to last with contacts that last too. From custom manufacturing to mass production in the mounting line.

Werner Wirth THR-THD-Kontakte

Product details

Here you can find detailed product information about our connection technology range of THR/THD contacts. All product sheets are available as PDF documents for viewing directly and downloading.

Crimping contacts

Simply unshakeable: crimping contacts by WERNER WIRTH. Put these electrical components to the test and see for yourself: our contacts keep what we promise.

We make exceedingly high demands when it comes to the quality of our contacts and connections. We’re referring not only to highly complex structures with five functions and two self-lockings. But also to the interaction of material know-how, physical requirements and cycle time stipulations. Because we know that it plays an elementary role in high performance and durability. In fact, it’s easily summed up for every product solution: quality you can rely on. And when the schedules are tight, we do whatever we can in your interests.

Werner Wirth Crimpkontakte

Product details

Here you can find the product sheets for our connection technology range of crimping contacts with detailed product information. All PDF documents are available for viewing directly and downloading.

Other contacts: blade terminals and screw contacts

When it comes to other crimping contacts and die-forming parts with blade terminals and screw contacts, we like to supply punchy answers and precut products. At WERNER WIRTH, it’s the miscellaneous items that are so special. This is where we present ourselves in top form with unique possibilities for our customers. The blade terminal that no-one else has in their range. The screw base with that particular twist. The special bending contact tough enough to cope with the specified cycle times.

Reliable suppliers, comprehensive knowledge of the market and decades of experience in adapting existing components ensure we produce answers and product results that can’t be had anywhere else, with unshakeable quality and durability.

Werner Wirth Crimpkontakte Stanzbiegeteile Sonstige Flachstecker und Schraubtechnik

Product details

Here you can find the product sheets for our connection technology range: Other contacts with detailed product information about blade terminals and screw contact solutions. All PDF documents are available for viewing directly and downloading.

Blade terminals and screw contacts


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