Connection technology by WERNER WIRTH

The differences between screw and spring terminals are in the details. We offer the optimum solution for every connection. Whether screw- or spring-type, side or top connection, wave or reflow soldered, wire or rigid conductor.

WERNER WIRTH offers and supplies the clamping systems in the matching grid size and any required quantity: pin strips, pluggable sockets, socket connectors, plug-in connectors and terminal blocks

Systematic connection technology


Pin strips, pluggable sockets, socket connectors, plug-in connectors and terminal blocks

Whether screw- or spring-type, reflow or wave soldered, from our range or individual custom-built products: our contacts keep what we promise.

And if it so happens that our top quality connection systems don’t fit, we design individual screw, spring or plug connector solutions for our customers. What’s more, WERNER WIRTH offers the necessary production technology and systems, from the manual solution through to the fully automatic production module.

Pin strips

Grid from 2.5 to 7.62 mm

Pin strips are plug-in connectors that make contact between pluggable sockets and printed circuit boards. Both need the same grid size to be compatible – ours are between 2.5 and 7.62 mm. When the need arises, WERNER WIRTH also develops and produces individual special solutions for your project.

Werner Wirth Steckverbinder Kontakttechnik Schraub Federklemmsysteme Stiftleisten

Product details: Pin strips with a grid of 2.5 to 7.62 mm

We offer open and encased pin strips with differing numbers of pins, physical properties and connection variations. Here you can find all the product details and information:

Pin strips 5.0 mm grid reflow SMD

Pin strips 5.08 mm grid reflow THR

Pluggable sockets

Grid from 2.5 to 7.62 mm

Pluggable sockets are connection systems that take the wires being connected – vertically, horizontally or at a 45° angle. The grid varies between 2.5 mm and 7.62 mm. WERNER WIRTH offers pluggable sockets of all kinds, clamped and screwed on the side or on top.

Werner Wirth Steckverbinder-Kontakttechnik Schraub-Federklemmsysteme Steckbuchsen

Product details: Pluggable sockets with a grid of 2.5 to 7.62 mm

Pluggable sockets 2.5 mm grid

Pluggable sockets 3.81 mm grid - clamped

Socket connectors

All directions and all grids

Socket connectors are connectors that make contact between plug-in connectors on printed circuit boards. Compatibility depends on the socket connector and plug-in connector having identical grid sizes. WERNER WIRTH offers nearly all connection directions and grid sizes. And if it’s not available, we’ll make it for you.

Werner Wirth Steckverbinder-Kontakttechnik Schraub-Federklemmsysteme Buchsenleisten

Product details

Plug-in connectors

For professional harness assembly

Plug-in connectors are central elements in professional harness assembly. The wires connected by the plug-in connectors can be screwed in or connected with a spring contact.

And WERNER WIRTH offers all directions: vertical, horizontal and at a 45° angle.
Highly practical: the wiring of a plug-in connector can be completely independent of the socket connectors on the PCB.

Werner Wirth Steckerleisten

Product details

Terminal blocks

Variable systems for custom-fit solutions

Terminal blocks by WERNER WIRTH are variable systems for practically any connection situation. We offer numerous versions for exactly the right solutions. Continuous or customised printing and production to individual needs are absolutely not a problem.

Werner Wirth Leiterplattenklemmen

Product details

Terminal blocks 3.0 mm grid

Terminal blocks 6.35 mm grid

Terminal blocks 9.52 mm grid - Screwed with lift system

Terminal blocks 10.0 mm grid

Terminal blocks 12.7 mm grid - Screwed with lift system

Terminal blocks 15.24 mm grid - Screwed with lift system


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