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A tidy switchboard is like a shop window for the electronics engineer. Even if the door is usually closed. A switchboard soon shows whether the manufacturer knows his structures and is good at professional cable management.

WERNER WIRTH offers top quality solderless connectors, pipe cable lugs, ground straps, fastening systems and blade terminals. We naturally also supply the right production machinery – from the manual solution through to the fully automatic production module. And when it comes to component protection: we check right from the start whether the system may have to survive summer in Hong Kong or night shifts in Novosibirsk.

We've got so much to offer. And it's all in your switchboard.


Solderless connection technology, pipe cable lugs, ground straps, fastening systems, blade terminals and fastening systems

Here you can find all the product details and information about solderless connectors and cable management. And you can believe us: whether insulated or uninsulated, we’ll work together at your cable loom. And if it doesn’t already exist, we’ll develop it for you in our Working Lab.

Cable lugs, connectors & ferules

We don’t fuss around with hooks and eyes. We simply supply them on fair terms.

We get down to the nitty gritty of electronics. But the sheer quantities involved can jeopardise some projects. Even when thousands of parts are needed every day, material quality may never be sacrificed for quantity.

WERNER WIRTH makes sure of this. We supply all solderless connectors with burrless forks and optimum eyelets, cable lugs even in clodhopper sizes and all forms, from completely bare to being immune to environmental conditions that no worker would be expected to tolerate.

Werner Wirth Kabelschuhe und Aderendhülsen

We offer and supply:

  • Uninsulated cable lugs
  • Insulated cable lugs
  • Uninsulated splices
  • Insulated splices
  • Uninsulated ferrules
  • Insulated ferrules.

Please use our contact form to send us your specific requirements! We’ll gladly get back to you with a suitable offer.

Pipe cable lugs

There's often a very fine line between quality and a cable fire. Or simply give us a call.

Electricians like fitting wires to these cable lugs: smooth surfaces, burrless sleeves and flawless pipe ends are even supplied in diameters where you need a magnifier to check quality like this. Which happens often enough on the global market out there.

Werner Wirth Steckverbinder Kontakttechnik Loetfreie Verbinder Rohrkabelschuhe

We offer:

  • Standard cable lugs
  • Press cable lugs DIN 46235
  • Fine-wire tubular cable lugs
  • Other cable lugs.

Use our contact form for your specific requirements!

Ground straps

Don't panic when buying ground straps. Order them from us instead.

Things often get tense between Purchasing and Production. Ground straps by WERNER WIRTH can help to diffuse even these problems. We supply top quality at down-to-earth prices, tailor-made for small series or large-scale projects, even with gold-plated connections on request. If necessary, we’ll also help your comptrollers understand why that’s got nothing to do with bling-bling.

WERNER WIRTH lötfreie Steckverbinder Kontakttechnik

Our offer:

  • Flat straps
  • Round straps

Please use our contact form for your enquiries.

Fastening systems

We’ll work together at your cable look. And make sure it doesn't shift an inch

Installing cables neatly is a matter of professional honour for every electrician. WERNER WIRTH helps with the right fastening systems to keep the switchboard neat and tidy.

To ensure that things don’t come apart just because installation is taking place on an oil rig in the North Atlantic or somewhere below ground, we naturally also supply material qualities that can even resist acid attacks and heat or frost shocks.

WERNER WIRTH Löfreie Verbindungstechnik

What we offer:

  • Fabric & shrinkable hoses
  • Plastic cable ties
  • Metal cable ties
  • Mounting accessories

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Blade terminals

We've been doing miniaturisation for decades. And we've certainly raised the game.

Blade terminals and receptacles were already in demand long before they flattened all the monitors and before the computing capacity of whole switchboard buildings had to fit into an area no larger than a cracker.

Since then, we have been supplying these proven, compact connection systems: simply uninsulated or comprehensively shielded from environmental impacts, loose or on a roll, and quickly and reliably in any case.

Werner Wirth Flachstecktechnik

Our blade terminal solutions for you:

  • Uninsulated blade receptacles
  • Insulated blade receptacles
  • Uninsulated blade terminals
  • Insulated blade terminals
  • Blade distributors
  • Blade connector strips
  • Insulators.

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