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E-Bike connectors from the specialist for perfectly protected connections

Mud, moisture, dust, vibrations or high pressure and extreme fluctuations in temperature – e-bikes are exposed to extreme conditions. All the electronic connections fitted in these bikes have to be able to cope with these challenges. Such sensitive components require maximum protections. Let’s not deceive ourselves: the more electronics in a modern e-bike, the greater or more diverse the bike’s vulnerability. Which grows more and more with every innovation.

WERNER WIRTH knows how to deal with all these requirements: with individually customised and modular e-bike connectors. For decades we have been taking care of functioning, permanently protected connections in every scale. We are also perfectly at home in the e-bike sector thanks to excellent long-standing cooperation with leading manufacturers on the electric motor market. We develop and produce customised solutions that sometimes go around the corner in order to make connectors in e-bikes suitable for highly individual specifications in the most confined space, while ensuring they comply with the requirements of the certification agencies. Furthermore, we also offer our proprietary modular e-bike connector system.

Rely on our experience and the expertise of WERNER WIRTH

  • After nearly 60 years of experience with electronics, our expertise consists in the multidisciplinary integration of critical production processes.
  • This ensures our engineering works across all production processes so that we can offer holistic consulting.
  • We can do that thanks to an extraordinary manufacturing depth with several production processes under one roof.
  • As a result, we supply not only our modular e-bike connector series but also individual adaptations.
  • For example, fitting a connection terminal to the motor, assembling required cable harnesses, coating and potting electronic parts and providing comprehensive advice about material issues.
  • To this end, we design and make even highly complex tools and produce any required quantities for you here directly in our company.

What drives us: custom-fit e-bike connectors for innovative e-bike developments


Which specific challenges do you have to meet?

No matter whether you want to launch a completely new model or upgrade existing e-bikes with additional components, we are gladly at your side right from the start with our knowledge and experience to fulfil and facilitate challenging demands made of the new e-bike system. We keep pace with you and join you on the fast lane in the e-mobility sector that is pursuing innovation at ever higher speed.

After all, one thing is clear in a market that’s developing so quickly: connectors shrink in size all the time or have to offer more pins. Innovative products in many sectors are constantly getting smaller and connectors increasingly have to fit perfectly in the limited space available. Or go uniquely around the corner. We can gladly support you from the very early concept phase of the new e-bike or innovative components. Do you need assistance with the initial design or with feasibility analyses? Please use our contact form so we can start working together!

Werner Wirth E-Bike Steckverbinder
Central control – all you need on the handlebars.

On-board computer, lights, brakes, gearing: when it comes to the safety and comfort of e-bikes and S-Pedelecs, nothing matters quite as much as reliable high-speed transfer of the most important relevant information.

Let there be light – smart lighting.

Noisy dynamos with meagre lighting are a thing of the past. Bike lights today can do more. Above all, they give good light. And much more besides: daytime running lights, dipped and full beam headlights, automatic on/off, cornering light - preferably with connectors by WERNER WIRTH.

Concentrated power – one of the most important connections of all.

No matter whether it’s a battery fitted to the frame, an elegantly integrated battery or two coupled batteries for more power and a longer range: of the power connector is useless, nothing will be running - apart from possibly the cyclist. Here you should put your trust in the vibration-resistant and waterproof quality of our power data connectors and our many years of experience in the protection of important components.

Powerful drive unit – where it all comes together.

Your drive unit is ready and you’re looking for the right connection to the rest of the e-bike? At WERNER WIRTH you’ll find what you’re looking for: you can rely on our modular e-bike connector system. And if it doesn’t fit, we’ll work with you to develop your totally individual solution.

Safely visible at the rear – particularly when you brake.

Rear lights on bikes are no longer what they used to be. Today the very latest LEDs make them brighter and visible from much further away. Some e-bikes even have brake lights. Here again, WERNER WIRTH has the right connectors – or develops solutions that are a perfect fit in your special framework.

Electronic gearing – for quick gear changes.

Good gearing, whether manual or fully automatic, stands out with swift, safe gear changes that preferably aren’t noticed at all – even at typical S-Pedelec speeds of up to 45kmh.

60 years of experience, 10 years for e-bikes

Our services for your e-bikes:

  • development of individual e-bike connector solutions
  • construction and 3D design of new systems
  • demanding toolmaking
  • prototype construction
  • production in any quantities
  • on request, we also supply processing machines for your own production
Werner Wirth E-Bike Erfahrung 10 Jahre

Developed for you: our modular e-bike connector system


A standard solution that is by no means standard.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel for every e-bike. The same also often applies to e-bike connectors. That’s why we put our nearly 60 years of experience and all our concentrated know-how into developing comprehensive, modular connector solutions for the e-bike sector. This has resulted in a connector system that fulfils all specific electronic requirements in exemplary fashion, covering all demands, from 2- to 5-pin micro connector, for example for lamp control, HMIs, antennas, fans or other sensors and actuators.

Or from the power data interface to the system connector, taking care of countless data connections as well as providing power between battery and motor. Our modular connector system offers a wide range of possible choices, constantly improved through the years by the requirements made by our customers and now available for you.

For you, this means custom-fit plug & play solutions that we adapt to all your individual needs on request.

The modular e-bike connector system to meet every challenge.

Werner Wirth Mountainbike
E-mountain bikes & trekking bikes:

The natural enemies of an E-MTB are mud, mountain streams, steep inclines, high torques and vibrations – like on a bumpy downhill trail, for example. This is when you need waterproof ingress protection (IP67) and secure connections. Even with strongest vibrations.

Werner Wirth E-Bike Citybike
E-city bikes & designer e-bikes:

Everyday bikes must be one thing above all else: waterproof (IP67)! They are often left out in the rain – particularly when used for bike sharing. Modern designer e-bikes with integrated display and theft protection often specify a wireless look with tiny flat connectors.

Werner Wirth E-Bike Lastenrad
E-cargo bikes:

The beasts of burden among the e-bikes are often used as a genuine alternative to a car. In addition to their own curb weight, they often carry kith and kin across town and country. They’re also so long they need longer cables with wire-to-wire connectors.

The e-bike connector series based on nearly 60 years of experience

Modular connector system for all requirements
Vibration-resistant (locked), compact, highly impermeable (IP67)
Plug & play, crimp contacts that are simply plugged in without any adhesion
Every connector is coded for easy fitting
Available in different colours
Individually customised on request
Including sound advice
Made in Europe, prompt delivery

A complete e-bike connector system – compact, powerful and waterproof (IP 67)

Power data interface


Our power data connectors are the indispensable interface for power and data communication between motor and battery. They are available in angled and straight design and can be used as wire-to-wire (female/male) extension solution. Their design is so compact that we can provide the right connection for nearly any place. Other special aspects: IP67 impermeability rating, high power load.

Download 3D data.

Werner Wirth E-Bike Power Data Schnittstelle

Power data interface

Pin count: 2- and 4-pin
IP rating: up to IP67
Rated voltage: up to 48 V
Rated current: up to 23 A or up to 3 A
Wire size 2.5 mm² (AWG 14) or 0.14–0.34 mm² (AWG 26–22)
Mechanical life up to 100 plugging cycles
Connection type: locking
Dimensions (W x H x L): female: 15.5 x 11.3 x 25 mm
male: 16 x 11.6 x 34.5 mm

2- to 5-pin micro connectors

Compact and vibration resistant

Our miniature 2- to 5-pin connectors for power and data connection of display, light, speed sensor, gearing etc. are suitable for routing within the frame in the tiniest space. The locking that was specially developed by us ensures vibration-resistant connection, including up to impermeability rating up to IP67. They are left- and right-coded for easy installation. Colour coding in the sealing rings is also possible on request.

Download 3D data here.

Werner Wirth E-Bike Microstecker

2- to 5-pin micro connectors

Pin count: 2- to 5-pin
IP rating: up to IP67
Rated voltage: up to 48 V
Rated current: up to 3 A
Wire size: 0.14–0.34 mm² (AWG 26–22)
Mechanical life: up to 100 plugging cycles
Connection type: locking
Dimensions (W x H x L): female: 7.3– 14.9 x 7.3 x 19 mm
male: 9.9– 17.5 x 8.5 x 27.2 mm

Modular system connector


The customisable system connector has sockets e.g. for battery, display, light, speed sensor, gearing. The sockets are suitable for the 2- to 5-pin micro connectors, and for the angled or straight power data interface. If a direct connection to the motor control board is required, our system connector can also be fitted directly on the board. Here we can gladly make adjustments to your existing system situation and specific needs.

Werner Wirth Modular E-Bike System Connector

Modular system connector

Number of slots: as required
IP rating: up to IP67
Rated voltage: up to 48 V
Rated current: up to 23 A or up to 3 A
Wire size: 2.5 mm² (AWG 14) or 0.14–0.34 mm² (AWG 26–22)
Mechanical life up to 100 plugging cycles
Connection type: locking
Dimensions (W x L): approx. 50 x 27 mm (incl. seal)

Battery charging socket and plug

Tailor-made on request

The battery: no e-bike can do without it. For the ideal connection between charger and battery, WERNER WIRTH offers you a proprietary inhouse solution. It can be used as standard in many applications. Needless to say that we also produce tailor-made individual connector solutions for e-bike batteries.

Werner Wirth E-Bike Batterie Ladebuchse

Battery charging socket and plug

Pin count: 2- and 4-pin
IP rating: up to IP67
Rated voltage: up to 48 V
Rated current: up to 30 A or up to 3 A
Wire size: 2.5–4 mm² (AWG 14–12), 0.14–0.34 mm² (AWG 26–22)
Mechanical life >2000 (charging socket) or up to 100 plugging cycles
Dimensions (W x H x D): socket: 46 x 38.5 x 29 mm
plug: 33 x 33 x 34.8 mm

Would you like a personal opportunity to get to know and test WERNER WIRTH’s comprehensive range of modular connectors? Or do you have a more complex problem where you need us to develop a solution? Make an appointment to meet us in person.

During a non-committal initial meeting, you can explain your specific requirements and we can work together to find out which connector fits in best. We can also show you which specific adjustments we could make for you. Or how the perfectly fitting system connector could be embedded in the final available angled gap in your drive unit. Which date would suit you best?


Let us talk

Do you have any questions about E-Bike connectors, or would you like to exchange ideas with us without any obligation? We are also your contact if you are planning a comprehensive project. Let’s discuss your E-Bike connector inquiry. We provide solutions, concepts, as well as development and production all in one.

Feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to engaging in a conversation with you.

If you prefer, you can also call me directly: +49 40 285 38-8282

Yours sincerely, Patrcik Neikes

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