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We connect electronics and provide durable protection. In our Working Lab we develop exactly the right services and solutions for the specific requirements of our customers and gladly set new standards while doing so. On request, we can also proceed with contract manufacturing for you. Whether harness assembly and cable management, module assembly or device construction or component protection of all kinds, we have the know-how, the materials, products and machinery all the way through to toolmaking expertise.

WERNER WIRTH offers you e.g. diverse services for PCB conformal coating and part potting, thus making important electronic modules sustainable, no matter whether these are intended for use in industrial electronics or under extremely adverse conditions, such as those encountered in the offshore setting.

As the only specialist for connection technology and component protection in the electronics industry, we offer comprehensive know-how, all necessary materials, parts and processing machines for permanent connection and protection of sensitive, important electronic components, even under the most extreme conditions.
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Harness assembly, module assembly and device construction, PCB conformal coating and part potting


Services: what WERNER WIRTH does for you

Whether harness assembly and cable systems, module assembly or device construction, PCB conformal coating or whole part potting: WERNER WIRTH knows how to do it and what is needed when, how and why to obtain the best results. We have decades of experience in the development and implementation of simple, complex and customised electronic solutions, from e-mobility, automotive and mechanical engineering via communication technology and renewable energies through to rail traffic, medical technology and aviation. Companies in practically all markets use our expertise for durably protected connections and electronic components, as well as our comprehensive range of services. Just talk to us about it!

WERNER WIRTH harnes assembly
Harness assembly & cable management

Scarcely any other service has so many components and techniques: soldering, crimping and resistance welding, single wires, connection leads, complete cable harnesses. But no matter how specific your requirements may be, WERNER WIRTH knows how to do it, and much more besides.

Werner Wirth Dienstleistung Produktion Baugruppenmontage
Module assembly

In our production facility we manufacture complete assemblies from provided components or we make the components ourselves. With extreme precision, ready for connection and with a conclusive function test on request. Benefit from our expertise in module assembly.

Werner Wirth Dienstleistung Produktion Gerätebau
Device construction from A to Z

Outsource your complete production activities to us so you can focus on marketing and sales: we produce individual components, assemble modules and put everything together to produce complete devices, for simple or highly complex products, in mini-series and mass production.

Werner Wirth Dienstleistung Produktion Hotmelt Moulding
Protecting important electronic components with hotmelt moulding

We take on your hotmelt moulding project whenever you need the support of a partner with decades of experience: during design, toolmaking, prototype production and series production.

Werner Wirth Dienstleistungen Produktion Leiterplattenschutzlackierung
PCB conformal coating & component protection

Protecting printed circuit boards by conformal coating is elementary in industrial electronics. WERNER WIRTH knows all about component protection and offers the necessary experience, materials and machinery to give your printed circuit boards optimum, efficient protection.

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz Giessharze Potting
Part potting for extreme conditions

Extreme loads demand maximum protection for sensitive electronic components. Using part potting with resistant cast resin, WERNER WIRTH protects your electronic components from moisture, pressure, strong vibrations, fluctuating temperatures and much more besides.

Werner Wirth Kunstsoff-Spritzguss-Fertigung
Plastic Injection Molding

Our services also include plastic injection molding manufacturing, ranging from pilot runs and small batches to large-scale production.

Werner Wirth Formen- und Werkzuegbau
Mold and tool construction

With many years of expertise in mold and tool construction, we are your go-to partner for the production of custom tools.

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