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Extraordinary loads such as high pressure or extreme fluctuations in temperature demand maximum protection for sensitive electronics. We offer this protection, with contract potting of electronic parts:

  • We’re working on your behalf: Outsource your casting orders to us. We produce with precision according to your specifications, enabling you to use your own capacities elsewhere
  • Material Consultation: Share your requirements for the electronics to be encapsulated, and together we’ll identify the suitable material. We’re here to advise you on this matter. Choose from various chemical systems with us. We utilize, among others, Polyurethanes (PU), Epoxies (EP), and Silicones for contract casting. Feel free to propose your own material for us to evaluate.
  • Curing Methods: Depending on the requirements for contract casting, we offer various curing methods, including oven curing, temperature curing, or UV curing.
  • Ramp-up: We’re happy to support you if you don’t have your own machinery yet. Have your small and medium-sized batches manufactured with us. As you move into mass production, we can either transfer the technology to you, or you can continue manufacturing with us.
  • Technology Days: As part of our collaboration, we offer our customers the opportunity to participate in our Technology Days alongside us. Together, we determine the materials, machinery, and technologies you want to test. This way, we collectively identify the best concept for your process.


Werner Wirth Component Protection

Precise coating materials for durable electronics protection.

Werner Wirth Unternehmenshistorie 2006 Dispensing

Printed circuit board coating/conformal coating on your behalf

Werner Wirth Komponentenschutz

Durable component protection with polymer materials.

Contract potting for maximum component protection even under extreme conditions


WERNER WIRTH offers contract potting as a service for you

It is crucial to rule out air inclusions and tiniest particles in contract or part potting. For us this means totally uncompromising production and manufacturing in all stages. We select the right potting method in the long term, plan implementation in all details, effectively implement the process and check the results at the end. You can therefore be absolutely certain that your parts have maximum protection and will function all life long.




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