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WERNER WIRTH assembles entire modules

You can’t relax until your products are made efficiently on a constantly high standard of quality. We make sure that everything runs as you want it right from the start, with manufacturing solutions that satisfy the highest demands at every step. WERNER WIRTH offers comprehensive expertise in module assembly and device construction.

There’s a clear trend on the market: outsourcing the complete assembly of complex modules to external manufacturing providers. A real chance if you find the right partner.

Our offer to you in the area of module assembly

  • Complete takeover of the assembly process
  • Quantities: We assemble according to your wishes, no matter the quantity. In doing so, we optimize processes in our assembly line, so that you receive your small or large series on time.
  • All assembly steps from a single source: We are happy to take over parts of the assembly group process or the entire process for you. Whether it’s small quantities or large series.
  • Efficient assembly: Depending on the series size, we assemble at our headquarters in Hamburg or at our plant in Klaipėda, Lithuania. This ensures economical production for you.
  • Expertise: We offer you over 20 years of experience in the field of assembly group and are always available to answer your questions.

We assemble your modules


Module assembly service, by and with WERNER WIRTH

WERNER WIRTH manufactures complete assemblies from provided components, or makes the components for you. With extreme precision, ready for connection and with a conclusive function test on request.

For module assembly too, our process know-how and decades of manufacturing expertise ensure we offer you optimum electronics solutions to finish off the products. Without finishing you off at the same time.

We take on the assembly of components as an essential part of manufacturing, thereby ensuring the quality of your products. The more complex the assemblies become, the more important professional assembly is. With our service of assembling components, we give companies in the manufacturing industry the opportunity to save on internal processes by outsourcing to us. We are happy to take over the complete assembly; the assembly of individual components is also possible.

Since each assembly group is different, we analyze the requirements for the assembly process in advance. This ensures that our customers’ requirements are met. In the assembly of the assembly groups, we use the following methods and process steps:


Adhesive bonding allows for a permanent connection of individual components. The advantage is that virtually all materials can be bonded using adhesives. Additionally, adhesive bonding provides an aesthetically pleasing connection of the components without impairing the material and without heat stress.


Riveting is particularly suitable for parts with low thickness or sheets and is used for joining sheet metal parts. There are distinctions between solid rivets, blind rivets, and punch rivets.


Screwing allows for easy assembly and the connection of different materials.


Pressing connects components using pressure without any additional material. This method does not require heat, offers high repeatability accuracy, and is efficient.

Manual assembly

Through manual assembly, we assemble complex assembly groups where expertise and flexibility in the assembly process are required.

Clamping connections

By using clamping connections, we press parts together using mechanical pressure through clamps, clips, or another tensioning mechanism. Clamping connections can be undone, unlike welded clamping connections, which facilitates repairs or maintenance work.

Quality assurance (QA)

The inspection or quality assurance (QA) involves a series of individual steps aimed at, for example, checking materials and components. Quality assurance is not limited to the final inspection but is an ongoing process as part of our assembly group assembly.


After successful assembly, the end consumer packaging takes place. Here, the final assembled assembly group is packaged for transport to the end customer.


We are happy to assist you with any questions regarding module assembly of components or contract manufacturing.

Do you have questions about assembly of components or are you looking for a reliable partner in contract manufacturing?

Feel free to get in touch with us. My colleagues and I look forward to exchanging with you.

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