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You can’t relax until your products are made efficiently on a constantly high standard of quality. We make sure that everything runs as you want it right from the start, with manufacturing solutions that satisfy the highest demands at every step. WERNER WIRTH offers comprehensive expertise in module assembly and device construction.

There’s a clear trend on the market: outsourcing the complete assembly of complex modules to external manufacturing providers. A real chance if you find the right partner.

Processes that finish products off - but don’t finish you off.


Module assembly service, by and with WERNER WIRTH

WERNER WIRTH manufactures complete assemblies from provided components, or makes the components for you. With extreme precision, ready for connection and with a conclusive function test on request.

For module assembly too, our process know-how and decades of manufacturing expertise ensure we offer you optimum electronics solutions to finish off the products. Without finishing you off at the same time.

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WERNER WIRTH is the right point of contact at all times – from planning in advance to optimisation once things are up and running. Challenge us – and you’ll see that something happens that is actually forbidden: we’ll soon spark your enthusiasm once we get talking: +49 40 75 24 91-0 or