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Printed circuit boards are important components in industrial electronics. Which means protecting them is also of elementary importance. As experienced providers of connection technology and component protection, we offer comprehensive know-how when it comes to conformal coating together with a large range of protective materials and coatings with different characteristics.

We offer you the following advantages in the field of PCB conformal coating:

  • Standards-compliant conformal coating: We provide protective coating according to IPC-610 or customer-specific standards.
  • Selective coating or full-surface coating
  • Various Application Methods: To meet our customers’ requirements for component protection, we offer different application methods: dispensing, jetting, spraying and film coating.
  • Polymeric Materials: We use various materials from our own portfolio for PCB conformal coating. If you have your own polymer materials, we can also process them.
  • Different Batch Sizes: We offer PCB conformal coating for small batch sizes as well. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • Added value through vxperience: In addition to the service of PCB conformal coating, we have been offering the corresponding machines “Made in Germany” for over 15 years.
  • Our expertise, your protection: Through PCB coating, the product’s value increases in terms of resilience and durability. Influences such as moisture, vibration, contamination, temperature fluctuations, and harmful gases pose no threat to the electronics after successful coating.
  • It all begins with an inquiry: Whether for technological exchange, consultation, or sampling (Technology Days), we provide comprehensive support for your projects. Feel free to reach out to us without obligation.

PCB conformal coating service


You too can benefit from our specialisation

WERNER WIRTH offers you PCB conformal coating for perfect component protection from A to Z from a single source. Companies in practically all branches of industry use our expertise for professional conformal coating of highly sensitive PCB components to protect them from moisture, dust, UV light or acid.

Outsource your PCB conformal coating to us if you don’t have your own PCB coating facility in your production line. We have the systems, equipment, and all the relevant processes and expertise to produce durable PCB coatings. Whether in the solar industry or electromobility, our services meet the industry’s requirements for lasting component protection.

Selektive Dickschichtlackierung mittels Conformal Coating nach dem Prinzip DAM & FILL. 
Selektive Dickschichtlackierung mit anschließender UV-Aushärtung
WERNER WIRTH Lackierung Selektive Dickschichtlackierung
WERNER WIRTH Conformal Coating Anwendung

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